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Dateline: 1 August 2018

Rokkertech single layer jeans review.


Rokkertech jeans review


Should you wish to, you can wear Rokkertech jeans continuously for 36 hours with no discomfort.

I happen to know this as I wore the jeans during my recent sojourn in hospital, where I was being treated for a collapsed lung. And yes, I wore them during the surgery and afterwards in bed when recovering. I’m not sure if they helped my recovery but no-one told me to take them off.

Funny thing was, I’d met Kai Glatt, the co-founder of Rokker, just a few hours before the pneumothorax lung interlude, at the Bike Shed Show at London’s Tobacco Dock. Kai’s a really nice fella, as well as being ultra smart and motivational. For starters, he was awarded Ernst and Young’s Swiss Entrepreneur of the year in 2013. And for seconds, back then, he refurbed and rode a ‘54 Harley-Davidson. He says that unfortunately he doesn’t get enough riding time these days. But he does seem to be on a bike in a lot of the publicity pics.

More important than 36 hours of continuous wear comfort, if you slide down the road, your Rokkertech jeans aren’t going to split, fray or rip for 6.39 seconds. Whereas your leather jacket will wear through after 4.5 seconds. Six and half seconds? About 70 metres or more at national speed limits. Rokker used the SATRA test facility in Cambridge; their jeans are certified for current CE standards. I’m surprised the sportsbike boys haven’t switched kit yet.

I’ve been looking for a pair of blue jeans that will protect my tender skin, and simultaneously look like ordinary blue jeans.  Not lumpy bumpy jeans with Kevlar bits sewn in – or heaven forfend – a complete long-john under the jeans kevlar affair. Happily, over the past couple of years, the motorcycle jean market has had a major revolution.

A new material woven from a mix of denim and UHMWPE (Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight-Polyethylene) and in Rokker case, branded as Armalith, has been invented with, evidently, 15 times the strength of steel. Manufacturers call it ‘single layer’ because it needs no secondary layer of Kevlar for the bum or hips or knees. All the material used will protect you more than Kevlar ever did. What’s more, it’s not affected by UV light, sweat or being washed.

The Rokkertech jeans arrived in a large, black, drawstring canvas bag with Rokker emblazoned in gold. Not just jeans; the pack also contained a quality black Tshirt with a printed logo. And the company had the foresight to include a product catalogue in the form of a poster. When you stop salivating over more products and turn the poster over, there’s a great shot of two motorcyclists riding a path on a cliff edge. The second bike has surf board strapped on. Wheels and Waves. You have to love it; and stick it on your wall.

And guess what. Here’s the important part. The jeans look and feel like the 14oz denim that we wore back in the day. The seams are unfussy and double-stitched. You couldn’t call the denim soft, but then that’s not why you’d buy them. You’ll buy them because they are genuinely the toughest, best looking jeans you’re going to see. I pulled them on, shed 40 years and thought, “Wow! Rock ‘n’ Roll!” Especially with the button fly.

The jeans have pockets for Rokker branded D.30 knee and hip armour which you can buy separately.


You’ll know that when a jeans manufacturer describes their product cut as slim, it doesn’t mean the legs. It means the way they fit around your hips and bum. Comfort fit is for those of you eat and drink a lot and have ‘big bones’. If the maker says the legs are straight, it means the width of the leg is the same from the crotch to the ankle. Of course, if they say slim legs and / or tapered it means just that.

Bear in mind also, 28 or 30 or 38 or 44 etc does not mean the waist measurement is 28 inches or 30 inches. It is a size indicator… so read the manufacturer’s fitting chart in detail. If you’re buying mail order, measure yourself carefully and call the store to make sure.

Rokkertech also have elastolene in the weave for stretch. If jeans have elastolene they can stretch an inch or more. I’m generally a 30 to 32 waist depending on how long lunch was, so I ordered the 30 slim leg which is perfect, even after lunch.  They’re mid-rise so they cover most of my hindquarters when I’m leaning forward on the bike.

Men’s jeans come in blue prewashed, slim and straight cut, or a raw (unwashed) denim version in a straight cut. You should be able to get the straight cut model over a pair of adventure boots but check the size information carefully. On the other hand, all of the jeans look great with ankle boots. And Rokker make boots as well as a complete ‘lifestyle’ range of jackets, belts et al.

Women’s Rokkertech are available in prewashed blue and black.

One thing I really like. Rokker offers a crash guarantee on all its single-layer jeans. If you manage to hole them by sliding down the road they’ll give you a replacement pair. Can’t be fairer than that!


Best blue jeans I’ve ever worn; the confidence rises as you pull them on, a ‘deal with anything’ kind of confidence to get you on the road and take you anywhere you want to go.

Mens L30 (on request) L32, L34, L36, W 29 to 42

Women. L32, W24 to W38. L34. W26 to W38.

Colours: Raw denim, prewashed Blue denim, Black.
Availability: Retail – 30 countries. Worldwide online.

From the swing tag.

* High abrasion-resistant, single-ply motorcycle jeans in the five-pocket style

* Regular fit with straight leg

* Noble 14 oz raw denim with highly abrasion-resistant UHMWPE fibres

* Protector pockets on the knees and hips for maximum safety

* No rivets to scratch the bike

* Easy care

* Delivered in exclusive Canvas Bag with T-Shirt

Price €399 direct from Rokker, Knee protectors £26.00

The Rokker Company


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