Germany - how did they do that?

In Britain, on the motorway in the fast lane at 80mph you’re the man!

In Germany, at 80mph in the slow lane you’re Johnny No-mates. The world whips by at 110 mph +

Earlier, on an autobahn, two police cars raced by. As said traffic was doing it’s 110 mph thing, they really were racing.

About 5 kms further on one of the cop cars was stationary, lights flashing and about 300 metres of lane slowing cones laid out.

Another kilometre and there was the crunch. A car had been rear ended in the slow lane by another car. There was the second police car waving the traffic on, supported by 3 fire-trucks and 2 ambulances. Fireman were sweeping glass from the road but as far I could see no-one was hurt.

What I learned from this was the Germans sure know how to handle emergency response.

What I also learned was never buy a 2nd hand car from a German. The car will undoubtedly be well maintained – but they surely will have been thrashed.

In Staines (where I live) we have a town centre full of chain stores. We also have every chain food outlet known to Britain.  But apart from an exceptional Indian restaurant there are no independents for at least 10 miles. 

In Germany it seems every neighbourhood has it’s own local eaterie. Delicious food, calm welcome atmosphere – like being with old friends – and much cheaper than at home.

Fast, uncrowded roads. Beautiful villages. Clean cities. Slim, healthy and happy smiling people.

How did they do that?


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