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Dateline: 25 May 2011

I am wrapped up today. My arms anyway.

On my right arm, the bandage for tennis elbow. I don't play tennis - its repetitive strain injury from typing.

On my left forearm a splint to to relieve my dislocated knuckle. It didn't punch anyone, its repetitive strain injury from typing.

Anyway, I looked as if I have been in a serious accident in which I no longer have control of arms and hands. The truth is both of limbs are painful to operate.

Meantime and joy and joys I awaited the delivery of a new tumble dryer.

I had removed the original machine myself. It caught fire on Saturday, so into the space the size of large box I climbed, dealt with the fire, isolated the electrics, pulled out the machine and carried it 10 metres outside the house. There was an occasional twinge from the aforementioned limbs. The fire was caused by the accumulated dust and lint of 10 years finally overpowering and overheating the electric wiring inside the machine.

In recognition of the pain, and to avoid further (debilitating) twinges when I ordered the new tumble dryer I decided to accept the install feature offered by the store. For an extra £8 they would install the machine. For a further £9 they would remove the old one.

Gratefully I accepted both options and waited for delivery.

Truck appeared on said date and time, large men climbed from truck, took out the machine and struggled manfully to carry the replacement 20 metres to the house. I wondered if they both had tennis elbow or if this was a "thank you Guv'nor for the tip" piece of theatrical art.

They placed in on the floor. Man One unclipped the plug and said, "Where would you like us to install it Sir?"

I said politely, "I can plug into a socket myself. I would like the wiring installed in the safety junction box behind the plate in the wall as installed by the builder of this house."

"Ah well we can't do that Sir because of the health and safety issues."

"The health and what? There are 3 wires to be poked into that junction box and a plate tightened over the top. I would do it myself but I cannot move my arms or hands." (I can do thespian too)

"Ah well Sir, no, we are not trained to poke wires into anything and I would also make you aware if you cut the cable of the machine and expose the wires to poke them into the safety junction box behind that safety plate your home insurance may well be voided"

"My Dear Man, I am sure that you are well are trained in health and safety issues and have a deep understanding of customer relationships, the legal position of my home insurance but all I want is three wires poked in there."

"Sorry Sir, more than my job is worth"

Being rendered speechless I could not protest the remaining pitch. "Now Sir, would you like us to move the machine and align it next to where it has to be placed when you have wired it in?"

Experts. These guys were experts at deferring work. I was completely outclassed. I was also in some pain where I had inadvertently thumped the top of the tumble dryer.

Not paying for the installation is no recompense.

But I will point the store to this Blog and listen to their response before I name and shame.







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