Biker helps emergency services battle through blizzards

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Dateline: 18 January 2013

EmergencyAt 09.30 this morning intrepid Motorcycle Adventurer Derek Mansfield battled through blizzard conditions and 5cm snowdrifts to help the emergency services recover a stranded vehicle.

Walking almost 900 metres from his home, Mansfield, aged 105.5 according to, managed to get to the stranded vehicle and open the vehicle door with an electronic keyfob.



After a struggle (with the vehicle, not Mansfield) the emergency services managed to locate and replace the vehicle arming device (aka battery) that had failed the previous evening causing Mansfield’s wife to abandon the vehicle near the town centre.


Franky Bennies

At the height of the blizzard with snow reaching depths of 7cm Mansfield sought refuge in the nearby Frankie & Benny’s Whilst drinking an excellent coffee and watching the emergency servant (David from the RAC) Mansfield was locked out of the restaurant.

As temperatures plummeted to half a degree below zero Mansfield hammered fiercely on the windows.

Although it took 43.7 seconds for the door to be opened Mansfield summoned up all his English grit and determination and refused the obligatory thermal recovery blanket and counselling services.

“I’m a biker” he said, “I can do this” Mansfield slipped into a coma as the RAC handed him the bill but on hearing the battery was guaranteed for 5 years managed to pay using his wife’s credit card.

Health & safety warning.The author takes no responsbility for the blizzards affecting Britain.


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