Adventure Bikers at the Ace Cafe

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Dateline: 20 February 2012

I ventured forth to London’s famous Ace Café today. 

I was in adventure biker mode, mounted on the Stelvio which was good because the car park was full of adventure bikes. 

Growly cruisers and the crotch rocket boys were dismissed to park on the roadside where they vented their fury by constant revving. 

Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing wrong with revving bikes, smoke outs, hot oil, black leather and rock and roll. I do it on the Victory when I’m in outlaw mode.  

But now, of course, I’ve changed into Adventure Man.

Adventure Bikers at the Ace Cafe


I met quite a lot of people who I look forward to meeting again. But the amongst the long distance guys who have really been there and done it are Phil Evans and Nathan Millward.

Phil has just made the solo trip that I’m about to do, but he rode a different route and went a long way across China. Phil did London to Bangkok, I’m planning Cambodia. You can read about his trip here London-bangkok-by-motorcycle

I’ve been a fan of another courageous man for some time. Nathan Millward, aka the Postman, rode from Sydney to London on a moped called Dorothy. Like when I met Charley Boorman I played it cool with Nathan.  I told him that I thought him to be singularly brave but only bought one copy of his excellent book. He is a true Brit, and has true grit.

I’d read a lot of the blogs that Nathan posted on is journey but the book is a separate experience. His journey from Sydney to London is a beautifully written epic of privation and eternal optimism; but his emotional journey through his relationships and his personal growth is truly inspirational.

For me the book was an absolute page turner, couldn't put it down.

Nathan Millward aka the postman.

Proper biker, proper bloke.  A great read, and miles better than Che Guevara. Buy it here


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