NOTES FROM THE ROAD Volume IV were formed mainly inside a motorcycle helmet on a short journey from London through eastern Europe to the Baltics, Ukraine, the Balkans and back.

Within the first thousand miles the petrol soaked Google map dissolved and gps failed increasingly. A thousand miles later road signs changed from Latin to Cyrillic and the skills for dead reckoning, remembered from the author’s nautical past, turned out to be less than adequate.

No matter. The interior of a motorcyclists head is probably lit with flashing synapses long after the ignition is switched off. Thus the author, whose memory is on the brink of age related failure, stopped regularly to make notes. Reviewing these later he realised they made little sense, but were not without humour.

The notes distilled into twenty seven memorable chapters taking the reader on an increasingly surreal journey of language, customs and culture.

His notes are gathered here in book form, designed to slip into a wax jacket pocket, so that his experiences may encourage others to journey and make notes of their own. Or not.

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